Plebgate – A Police Conspiracy?

English: Andrew Mitchell, British politician a...

 Andrew Mitchell, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sure we all remember the story, Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell lost his temper with police officers who refused to open the main gate for.

A police log published the next day by the Telegraph reported that he told police to, “learn your f***ing, ” because, “you don’t run this f***ing government,” and perhaps most damning, he called the, “f***ing plebs.”

In an interview with Channel  4’s Political Correspondent Andrew said,  “I got a call from Downing Street to say that the Sun were going to splash on an altercation with the police, and my first reaction was there’s not really much of an altercation to splash on, and it was only later that I heard these toxic phrases which had been attributed to me.

“There were, there were three phrases above all which were hung around my neck for the following 28 days, every day in the press, which were used to destroy my political career and were used to toxify the Conservative party. They are completely untrue, I never said phrases like that at all, I would never call someone an effing pleb. Anyone who knows me well would know that it is absolutely not in me to use phrases like that.”

When asked why he didn’t give a detailed account of what happened at the time, Mitchell answered: “Well, when the story broke, the decision was made that I would apologise for what I did say and my apology was accepted. There was no police complaints and that we would let it lie. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, that was clearly the wrong decision.”

The leaked police log there were, “several members of the public present,”  who  heard the altercation and were “visibly shocked”. All very shocking but the next day Mitchell’s fate was sealed when the Deputy Chief Whip received an email from one of his constituents saying that he and his nephew had both seen and heard the incident. This email matched the police report almost word-for-word. The email is reproduced below.

When asked about this email, Mitchell said: “It’s very convincing – unless you know it’s untrue, as I do – and it was clearly aimed to destabilise me and finish me off by sending it into the heart of government to my deputy and could easily have done so very fast.”

Andrew Mitchell did meet officers of the Police Federation but they left saying he refused to give his side of the story.

All this added up at too much pressure and to a triumphant Police Federation and ecstatic press, Andrew Mitchell resigned. And that would have been the end of it, if only it had been true!

CCTV pictures have now shown that there where no onlookers to the incident other one man walking by; the email was written by a serving police officer, pretending to be a member of the public, was not there; and Mitchell, who recorded his meeting with the  Police Federation, who far from evasive.

It’s beginning to look like there was a police conspiracy to bring down a cabinet minister.

It is time now for a Leverson style investigation in the police themselves? I seems that some members of the police think they are above the law and with the IPCC being totally unfit for purpose, they may very well be. Remember Ian Tomlinson and all the police statements about what happened that later turn out to be untrue? If I made a false statement  I would be charged but police officers seem to do it with impunity! It is time for this to stop!

This pack mentality by the police needs to be addressed urgently. I’m not anti-police. Every police offer I have ever meet seems to be perfectly decent and responsible person. Nevertheless this sort of thing keeps happening and every time it does it reflects badly on those decent reasonable police officers who I have no doubt are the vast majority.

We now need an independent judge lead enquiry into the police. The IPCC needs to be become independent.

Letter re Mitchell

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